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San José, Costa Rica, November 2, 2004

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

I was planning to write this letter immediately upon my return from WordlForum 2004, which - as all of you know - took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, September 27/30.

However, I had to attend the XIX Panamerican Children's Congress, hosted by the Government of Mexico and the Organization of American States in Mexico City. I just got back from this event.

WorldForum 2004

Let me first give you some personal impressions regarding this year's WorldForum:

As has been in the past, the personal meeting with old and a new friends, and the exchange of information about activities in the field of child welfare constitute the most important aspects of this event. It generated much interest on the part of Argentine child welfare workers, both from the government and the private sector, so that the plenary sessions as well as the workshops were well attended. However, the number of IFCW members that attended was less what was expected.

As in previous years, we had requests from IFCW members from developing nations for financial support to be able to pay for the costs of participation, but unfortunately we were not able to accommodate these requests due to lack of funding for this purpose. IFCW members' participation, or rather, the lack of participation, motivated the need to cancel the Executive Institute as only 6 members indicated their willingness to participate. Translation services, expert fees, lunch and coffee breaks made its cost-benefit equation to be unfavorable.

This situation was really very discouraging and makes me feel guilty. So, I ask all of you to give me your feedback on this matter so that this situation is not - ever - repeated.

United Nations .

There are two important activities that will take place at the UN New York Headquarters within the next few months:

•  The fifth session of the Ad Hoc Committee on a Comprehensive and Integral International Convention on Protection and Promotion of the Rights and Dignity of Persons with Disabilities will take place in January 2005 in Conference Room 4 of the UN Secretariat Building. The opening and closing dates, as well as other relevant information, will be posted in due time at the following address: .

•  The Commission of the Status of Women will hold its forty-ninth session at UN headquarters February 28/March 11, 2005. This session will be devoted to a review of the implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action and to current challenges and strategies for the advancement and empowerment of women and girls.

If you are interested in participating in any of these activities, we will be happy to obtain for you the required registration (on a first come, first served basis). Please contact me ( ) or Elba Montalvo ( ) before December 10, 2004.

Executive Committee.

The annual meeting of the General Assembly took place in Buenos Aires on September 28. It took note of the resignation, for personal reasons, of the Treasurer, Mr. Ian Calder and elected Ms. Sharon Osborne to finish the term that is being served by Ian. The Assembly recognized and thanked Ian for his work not only as Treasurer but also during his more than 27 years working for the welfare of children as head of Barnardos New Zealand. The tenure of two members-at-large, Ms. Elba Montalvo and Mr. Bruce Rivers was to end on December of 2004 and, therefore, these positions were also up for election. The General Assembly decided to re-elect both Elba and Bruce for a second two-year term. Congratulations to Sharon, Elba and Bruce. I am glad to have them as fellow members of the EC.

Payment of Dues

Again I have to insist with those of you that have not yet paid your 2004 dues. Please help us by making your payment immediately. Also, if you paid your dues directly to the bank, kindly send me copy of your bank receipt as we have no way in which to identify these payments and therefore your organization might appear as not having paid, when the contrary is true.

WorldForum 2005

Thanks to the sponsorship of the Estonian Union for Child Welfare, WorldForum 2005 will take place in Tallinn, capital of Estonia, September 19/23, 2005. For IFCW this venue marks a long-standing wish: to meet again in Europe. Please mark these dates in your calendar and make plans to participate in this very important event.


Rolando Quiros



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