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San José, Costa Rica, May 5th, 2005

Dear Colleagues:


We welcome four new members that have joined out association since the beginning of this year:

Council on Accreditation (USA)

FRAGUA (Ecuador)

Antonio Silva Leal Foundation (Portugal)

Pakistan Rural Workers Social Welfare Organization (Pakistan)

The active participation of members in talking and inviting these organizations to join IFCW has been fundamental in their decision to join us. I encourage all of you to approach friends and child welfare organizations to join IFCW . If you need printed material for this purpose, just send me a note and I will comply immediately.

*** WORLDFORUM 2005 ***

The Executive Committee held its mid-year meeting last month in Tallinn, capital city and Estonia and venue for our forthcoming WorldForum 2005. We had the opportunity of reviewing with Alar Tam and Ene Tomberg, of the Estonian Union for Child Welfare, the preparations, provisional agenda, list of speakers and all other details pertaining to this important event. Our meetings took place at the Olympia Hotel, which will serve as headquarters for the WorldForum and offers excellent facilities for our WorldForum.

All the Executive Committee members were impressed with the advance of the WF organization in every detail and, of course, with the friendliness and hospitality of the members of the host organization and of the Estonian people. We thank Alan and Ene for their hospitality and again reiterate our desire to support them in any way we can to ensure a successful meeting in September.

As I write this letter the second announcement for the WorldForum has just been published. Please visit to learn about the event and to register. You can also access this information through our website:

You can now register, make a hotel reservation and indicate your willingness to participate in discussion groups DO IT NOW!



Some members are kind enough to share with me their newsletters or periodic information bulletins. I am sure that many of our members would like to receive this type of material from fellow members. Just to name a few, this week I have in my desk the following:

•  Boletim Informativo - Antonio Silva Lean Foundation (Portuguese)

•  Hamifal Newsletter (English)

•  Children in Scotland - Invitation to Seminars (English)

•  Call for Abstracts Ispcan Asia Regional Conference (English)

If you wish to send technical or promotional materials to your fellow members please let me know and I will arrange to provide the necessary addresses.


IFCW was invited by UNICEF to a meeting of NGOs at their HQ in New York to present their 2006-2010 plan. I was able to be present in this meeting, accompanied by Elba Montalvo and Claudia Lombardo, our able UN Representatives in New York. The occasion also served to discuss the upcoming (June 4) meeting of the Unicef NGO Committee as well as the DPI/NGO Conference scheduled for early September.

The NGO Section of ECOSOC publishes a monthly update with information about past and future meetings and activities that might be of interest to NGOs. If you wish to receive this informative document you may subscribe at: . Please indicate that your are an IFCW member.

I close this month's letter with my appeal to all of you to attend WorldForum 2005, not only because the themes to be discussed are of great importance to all of us but also because it is a good opportunity for all of us to show our support for a people and a country of great courage and faith in the future of its children. To those that have resources that may be used to support Kirkley Fund Scholarships, kindly do contact me at your earliest possible time.


Rolando Quiros F.



P.O. Box 393-2010, San José, Costa Rica

Telephone (506) 228 6601 - Fax: (506) 228 0945 - e-mail:


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