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June 15th, 2004

Dear Colleagues:

WorldForum 2004

27-30 September

Buenos Aires, Argentina

I am happy to inform that a special web page ( is now in place with updated information about this event, including registration forms. I urge all members to proceed to register as soon as possible as there are indications that point to a large number of participants this year. There is no need to remind all of you of the importance of your personal participation in the WorldForum.

This year, without the payment of any additional fee, you who are members of IFCW are invited to attend the Executive Institute on State of the Art Techniques for Project Evaluation. All you need to do is confirm to me your participation in the Executive Institute and extend your stay in Buenos Aires to cover October 1 st . which is the day in which the Executive Institute will take place.

Membership Fees .

I have been receiving a good number of mem bership renewals. As you know, we are now coordinating the payment of membership fees between the office of the President in Costa Rica and the Treasurer's office in New Zealand. This allows you a convenient way to pay by either sending your check to our address in Costa Rica (P.O. Box 393-2010, San Jose, Costa Rica) or directly to our Bank (Sun Trust Bank, 7818 Parham Road, Richmond, VA 23294, USA. For deposit into account No. 206745419 IFCW).


UN Liaison .

I should have reported earlier that, as authorized by the General Assembly, we are now members of CONGO (The UN body that associates those NGOs with consultative status to the Economic and Social Council). Our membership request to be part of the UNICEF's NGO Committee will be presented to the next meeting of their governing body next week. I hope that in my next letter I will be able to report the acceptance of our request for membership.

We have not stopped there, however. We also requested and received registration as an NGO associated with the United Nations Office of Public Information so that we are now linked to the UN's vast information production. The UN/OPI organizes an annual NGO Conference in New York that is attended by some 2.000 members of NGOs from around the world. This year the Conference, titled "Millennium Development Goals: Civil Society Takes Action", will take place September 8-10. If you are interested in being part of IFCW's delegation to this Conference, please let me know at your earliest convenience as we have only two places still available.

All this has been possible due to the hard work of EC member Elba Montalvo and her assistant Claudia Lombardo who monitor and attend UN activities for NGOs on our behalf. Elba sent me a report on "IFCW Participation in the Observance of the 10 th Anniversary of the International Year of the Family" which you can find in our website . I wish to sincerely thank Elba and Claudia for their work and for having developed, on our behalf, valuable contacts within the UN Secretariat and the specialized agencies. Please do take advantage of this opportunity if you need information about the UN work related to your organization's interests or if you happen to be visiting New York and would like to visit the UN for working purposes.


I would like to share with you some resignations, retirements and appointments among member organizations that have been called to my attention:

Martin Scherr , finished his duties as Director of International Affairs of the CWLA and is now attending to similar duties in the International Social Service, USA Branch. Both organizations are IFCW members. We wish Marty the best of everything in his new position and are glad that this will allow him to continue being close to IFCW.

Bruce Rivers , CEO of Children's Aid Society of Toronto has taken a one-year leave from his organization upon a call from his government to serve in a social policy development capacity. We are sure that Bruce will not be far away from IFCW during this period and, in fact, has confirmed to me his intention of attending WF 2004 in Buenos Aires.

Our ex-Secretary and now Deputy President Victoria Wagner has accepted a new challenge with the National Network for Youth in Washington, DC., after serving YouthCare for 25 years. Ms. Amanda Madorno has replaced her temporarily in YouthCare. We wish Vicky a very successful work and ask her to remain close to IFCW .

The Consuelo Foundation has announced that Ms. Sharon Osborne , CEO of Children's Home Society of Washington, will replace Ms. Patti Lyons as CEO of the Foundation upon her retirement in January 2005. In this case, again, both organizations involved in the transition are IFCW members. We wish Sharon the best in her new responsibilities and thank Patti for all her work, support and guidance during her fruitful tenure in Consuelo.

It seems to me that the fact that two of these changes occur between IFCW member organizations speaks of the strong ties that IFCW's activities, specially the WorldForums, foster among members.



Rolando Quiros



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