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San José, Costa Rica, July 7, 2003


WorldForum 2003

I am very happy to convoke each one of you to WORLDFORUM 2003 to take place in Cape Town, South Africa, 20 - 23 October, 2003.

The theme of this WorldForum, "Creating a Child Friendly Planet: Child Welfare Challenges in a Rapidly Changing World", as well as the fact that this will be the first time we meet in Africa, set the stage for an event that will be rich in new experiences and full of opportunities.  I wish to thank The Cape Town Child Welfare Society, our host for this WorldForum, for all the hard work and efforts to make the Executive Institute and the WorldForum a reality.

        You may, if you so wish, not read or answer my letters, but do not miss the "main event" of IFCW:  the WorldForum.   Do make the necessary efforts to join us for this special occasion.  I am sure you will be more than satisfied with the results.

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Strategic Planning.

Officers and other members of the Executive Committee met for a two-day session to continue the process of analysis of several aspects of IFCW and to try to come to some conclusions.  It is hard in a short letter to provide complete information about our conclusions but I can say that we agreed to simplify the processing of new membership requests, we will create a special committee to address the question of fund raising, update and improve our website and create a monthly electronic newsletter.

Our attention for the coming weeks will be centered around these specific tasks and to the promotion of WorldForum 2003.

Membership Fees.

Our Treasurer tells me that there are still a significant number of members who have not paid their membership fees for the year 2003.  I know that some prefer to wait until they are at the WorldForum to make the payment, but please bear in mind that these fees are our only source of income and that the sooner you pay them the better we can program our activities and budgets.  So, if you have not yet paid your 2003 dues, please do so now.  Thank you.

Two-Way Communication.

It makes me very happy to report to you that with each letter that I write I seem to get more responses from our members: project proposals, information about UN-related meetings, etc.  Believe me when I say that I look at each item with all due attention and that sooner or later (probably sooner) you will get an answer from me.  I will also share your thoughts and suggestions with other members so that we can enrich these exchanges.  The idea of creating an electronic newsletter is, basically, to promote and increase this important aspect of belonging to our association.

New Member:

We welcome a new member from a South American country that registers an IFCW member for the first time: Ecuador.  The new member, Corporación de Información, Liderazgo y Desarrollo Ecuatoriano works mainly with the families of migrants that have been forced to look for better economic opportunities outside of their country.


Rolando Quiros


P.O. Box 393-2010, San José, Costa Rica

Telephone (506) 228 6601 - Fax: (506) 228 0945 - e-mail:


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