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San José, Costa Rica, December 8, 2004

Dear Colleagues:


This letter is to wish you all a very happy Christmas Season. There is no other season during the year that brings us closer to children. The image of Christmas is the image of children receiving gifts, but also the image of children that suffer sickness, poverty, abandonment and loneliness. It is to these children that we should direct our thoughts and good actions.

With this thought we close 2004, our fifteenth year and one in which we completed the "round" of WorldForums in all the major regions of the world.


We stand ready to greet the New Year and with it some changes in the Executive Committee as decided by the General Assembly:

On December 31 of 2004 the following members finish their present tenure:

Owen Keenan, Special Advisor

Niresh Ramklass, member-at-large

JoyceYen Feng, member-at-large

Bruce Rivers and Elba Montalvo were re-elected for another term and I have requested Patti Lyons to continue for one more year as Special Advisor and Ian Calder to become Special Advisor for six months to ensure a smooth transfer of the treasurer's duties to Sharon Osborn, our new Treasurer as of January 1, 2005. I am happy to say that both Patti and Ian have agreed to my request.

To those members that finish their duties at the end of this year, I offer my special thanks for their support and hard work. To those that will be in the Executive Committee because of election, re-election or appointment, I thank you for willing to accompany me during the next period.

IFCW Calendar

A small desk calendar is enclosed with this letter so that IFCW, and the 2005 WorldForum in Tallinn, Estonia is ever-present in your personal agenda. Should you wish to receive additional copies, kindly let me know.

United Nations Calendar .

An updated calendar of 2005 UN meetings of interest to NGOs in consultative status is now available at the following address: . (In the case of meetings with dates "to be determined", these will be posted at the same address in due time.) We are now able to request passes to attend any of these meetings in New York, Geneva or Vienna. However, there is a need to request these passes with enough anticipation as it does take time to process them. So, if you have interest in attending any of these meetings please let me know at your earliest convenience.

Happy New Year .

I close this short letter with my very best wishes for your personal and corporate success during the coming year. To this, I also add my special wish for your active involvement in IFCW matters during the coming weeks and months.

I will to discuss with all of you some of the decisions of the General Assembly held in Buenos Aires. I hope to do so in the near future.


Rolando Quirós F.




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