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San Josť, Costa Rica, December 9, 2003

Dear Colleagues:


As we prepare ourselves for the end-of-the-year rituals, it is perhaps appropriate to highlight some of the main activities of IFCW during the last twelve months.

Our year started with the strategic planning session of the Executive Committee held in New York, at the premises of the Committee for Hispanic Children and Families.  Many themes were discussed in this meetings and we agreed to take immediate actions in relation to communications with members, faster handling and resolution of membership applications, revision of our website, financial strengthening and increased number of members.

It was then considered that in order to start moving along these lines it would be necessary to meet again some time before WorldForum.  The fact that some of the Executive Committee members planned to attend the Second World Congress on Family violence to be held in Prague, made it convenient to plan a meeting in that city concurrent with the Congress.  At the end, the Congress was cancelled but we were able to meet as a group to report on actions so far taken and on progress on others that are under way.

I cannot in a letter discuss all the different items dealt with during the planning sessions and the Executive Committee meetings, but I would like to mention some of the main decisions on the matter of communications with members.

The president was able to mail a monthly letter to member throughout the year as a way to inform all members of things - big and small - that are happening or will take place in the near future.  The idea is to have a Newsletter so that more information can be managed both ways, but for the time being, the monthly letter has been able to raise reactions and initiatives from some members.

The Newsletter is to be complemented by an improved website which should be ready for access next month, as promised earlier.   This should be the main tool of communication amongst us in the periods between WorldForums, where personal contact is so important to exchange ideas and to learn about new approaches in child care.


By now, all members who paid their 2003 dues should have received a membership certificate that is suitable for framing.  This is just a small initiative but, I believe, one that symbolizes our desire to increase IFCW's presence and recognition.  If you have not received this certificate and wish to have it, please contact me at and I will be happy to have one prepared and mailed to you.


By the time you receive this letter a meeting of the Argentine Organizing Committee will have taken place in Mar del Plata.  This is the first formal meeting of this group and I hope that from its meeting we will have concrete resolutions as far as date and possibly venue of the event, as there are several possibilities to be considered in Mar del Plata.

As a gesture of support, the Executive Committee will have its mid-term meeting in the city of Mar del Plata, Argentina, in February.   We shall be able to discuss matters related to WorldForum with the Argentine Committee at this time.

Let me close this letter with my best wishes for a peaceful and joyous holyday season and my renewed thanks for allowing me the privilege of being your president.


Rolando Quiros


P.O. Box 393-2010, San Josť, Costa Rica

Telephone (506) 228 6601 - Fax: (506) 228 0945 - e-mail:


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