Member Exchange

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The IFCW is pleased to provide its members with the opportunity to pursue an international exchange with a fellow member organization. With a view to enhancing child welfare capacity, worldwide, this program has been designed to encourage the exchange of best practice, knowledge and expertise amongst individuals and organizations from developing and developed countries. While there is no funding designated to support same, the IFCW is constantly exploring options with internationally based foundations and government bodies and will make that information available as it arises. As part of its commitment to expand membership services and opportunities, the IFCW will act as facilitator in bringing the parties together and to assist in that regard has developed a Member Exchange Profile. If you are interested in pursuing a match, either as a visiting or hosting party with another member of IFCW, please complete the profile and submit by email to We have provided you with a checklist to help organize the various things that must be considered as part of the exchange and have also provided you with a template agreement that can be used by the parties to outline roles and responsibilities with regard to any exchange. If you have any questions please email us at the above address. Please note that while IFCW is prepared to act as a facilitator in helping to match and bring parties together, it can not take responsibility for the details or outcomes of any exchange. Those are solely the responsibility of the two parties who are engaged in the exchange from a legal, financial or any other perspective.


PDF File Member Exchange Checklist